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Baptism To Do List
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3 months prior to the Baptism:

  • Start thinking about Family Home Evening Lessons, books, and resources to prepare your child for their baptism. 
  • Shop for baptism clothes.  (Suit/Dress, white shoes for girls, socks, slip/tie, hair bows, white underwear, etc.)  Note: Some people like to have two white dresses for their daughters… one for the baptism itself, and a fancier one to wear during the rest of the service.
  • Make a photography appointment if you are having your child’s pictures taken professionally.  If you are planning on using photos for invitations or photo gifts, check with your photographer to see if they will provide a copyright release.
  • Think about details such as whether you would like to offer refreshments or have a light dinner following the baptism and where you would like to do it.  Reserve the Cultural Hall, if needed.

2 months prior to Baptism:

  • Get professional baptism pictures taken (if you are choosing to do this), or take your own pictures for photo invitations.  Follow our photo tips for getting better shots!
  • Verify with your baptism coordinator the date and time of the baptism.  Find out details regarding:
    • The printed program
    • Assigned talks
    • Musical numbers
    • Choosing songs, pianists, choristers, prayers, and witnesses
      Find out if you need to take care of these assignments yourself.
  • If you would like to show a photomontage DVD, find out what other children (if any) are scheduled to be baptized at the same time.  Contact the families and see if they are interested.  We do NOT recommend showing a DVD that highlights only one of the children being baptized.  Start gathering pictures and scanning them in if they are not already in digital format.  Be prepared to submit photos and any music choices between 4-6 weeks prior to the baptism.
  • Talk with parents of other children regarding refreshments or a light meal and divide the responsibilities.

1 month prior to the Baptism:

  • Double-check baptism date/time.
  • Prepare a guest list of people you and your child would like to invite.
  • Order or make baptism invitations.
  • Pick-up baptism photographs of your child to display on the table.
  • Order your photomontage DVD if you are planning on showing one while the children are changing.
  • Make any necessary assignments for talks, prayers, musical numbers, refreshments etc.  If you are having light refreshments after the baptism, ask a friend to be in charge of getting last minute food and/or drinks ready towards the end of the service.
  • Gather items for a table display (you may want to let other parents know what you are planning on doing so they can prepare, likewise): Tablecloth, frames for pictures, photographs/artwork/poetry, guestbook, programs.
  • Make an appointment with the Bishop for your child’s baptism interview.

2 weeks prior to the Baptism:

  • Mail and/or deliver invitations
  • Confirm all assignments
  • Print programs
  • Ask a friend or two (preferably someone who likes photography and has a good camera) to take pictures of the event for you.  (NOT during the actual baptismal service… just before/after, father and child, family photos, all of the children together, etc.)  Ask them to arrive 15 minutes early and get pictures before the service, as well.   Also, let them know that you would like to get an array of shots… close-ups as well as photos of the entire room, display table, individual family members, etc.
  • Talk with your child about the baptismal service.  Make sure they understand what to expect, how to stand, what they need to do when they go under the water, etc.
  • Look in your child’s baptism book and fill out any pages you can beforehand.  Put a picture in there.  Let your child record his/her thoughts and feelings in it.
  • Get your child's hair cut.

1 week prior to the Baptism:

  • Call friends that you would like to participate in the confirmation circle and invite them to join.  Don’t assume that they know they are invited or ask them to join at the last minute… extend a formal verbal invitation.
  • Start shopping for refreshments and menu items.  Remember the paper goods: plates, cups, napkins, silverware, etc.
  • Make sure you have access to a Television/DVD player if you are showing a video or DVD.  Find out whether you will need an extension cord.

2 days prior to the Baptism:

  • Prepare Sunday clothes for the family
  • Set aside the baptism clothes and change of clothes for your child.  Make sure you have:
    • White jumpsuit or dress to get baptized in
    • Dress or Suit and white shirt & tie to change into after the baptism
    • Socks or tights
    • White underwear and a change of underwear
    • Sunday shoes
    • Hair accessories
    • Towels for Father and child
    • Jumpsuit or white shirt/pants/tie for Dad
    • Change of underwear for Dad, too.

1 day prior to the Baptism:

  • Finalize the refreshments and/or meal items.  Make a list of items to bring and pack them in your car.
  • Clean your house if you are having guests over after the baptism.
  • Make sure your camera has fresh batteries.  If you are using a digital camera, transfer the pictures from the card so you have room for new photos.  Also, double-check the camera settings and make sure it is set to the highest resolution photo quality.  If you are using a 35mm camera, make sure you have film.
  • If the church is very far away, make sure you have plenty of gas in the car.
  • Have your children shower/bathe the night before to avoid the typical baptism day rush.
  • For girls: remove nail polish from little fingers and toes.  Paint with a fresh, light coat.

Baptism Day… Congratulations, you made it!

Plan on giving yourself enough time to set-up and prepare by arriving at least 30 minutes early!

Items to Bring:

  • Baptism clothes/change of clothes listed above
  • Toiletries:  Shampoo/Conditioner, Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, Brush, Comb, Gel, Hairspray, Hair elastics/bows/ribbons, jewelry, etc.
  • Items for Display Table:
    • Tablecloth
    • Framed Baptism picture of child
    • Guestbook & pen(s) for guests to sign with
    • Programs & copies of children’s songbook music if it is being used (if the words aren’t typed up in the programs).
    • Any other special items: Poems, artwork, thank you items, etc.
    • Possibly some coloring pages & crayons for young children.  Sometimes these services can last close to an hour and parents often don’t bring quiet books and activities for young ones.
    • Snacks/activities/books to occupy your young children, if needed.
  • Food/Refreshments
  • DVD or video if you are showing one.  Extension cord.
  • Camera and/or Video camera (just in case your friend’s pictures don’t turn out). Videotapes, batteries, film, etc.
  • Scriptures
  • Kleenex
  • Any music/instruments you may need for special musical numbers.

To Do at the church:

  • Get TV/VCR/DVD if you need it and set it up.
  • Set-Up Display Table
  • Prepare refreshments>
  • Set toiletries, towels, and changes of clothes in bathrooms
  • Take some pictures (Be sure to get a picture of all the children together, father/child, and a family photo)
  • Relax, and enjoy the service!


After the Baptism:

  • Write thank you cards to friends/family who helped.  Have your child write thank you cards for gifts received.
  • Gather photos for a special photomontage Baptism Day DVD or keepsake, if desired.  Include your child growing up until the age of eight, pictures taken for their baptism, and/or pictures at their baptism.
  • Put your child’s baptism certificate in their baptism book or scrapbook.  Have them record their thoughts/feelings in their journal.


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