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Baptism Programs

We have several free LDS baptism program templates available for you to download.  These were created in Microsoft Word and intended to be printed on baptism program covers that you can buy at Deseret Book.  You may not have all of the fonts that these templates use... if you like our fonts and would like to use them, many are available at www.fonts101.com

Our first template was created for one child with the words to a song that her father wrote on the interior left side of the program, the program outline on the right,  and the words to the other song on the back.  Fonts used: CAC Shishoni Brush & Technical.   Click here to download the Microsoft word file.

Baptism Program Template Page1
Baptism Program Template Page2

Our second template was created for three children from two separate wards getting baptized at the same time.  The wards met together in the Chapel for the first talk and then the first  ward went to the font room and baptized their child while the second ward watched a short video presentation.  After the first ward was finished with their baptism, they went to the Relief Society room while the child got dressed and the second ward went to the font room to watch their baptisms and finish the service separately.  The program outline was on the interior pages and the words to the songs were on the back.  Fonts used: Alex Brush & Garamond, the font color is blue.  Click here to download the Microsoft word file.

Baptism Program pg1
Baptism Program pg2

In addition, you can print out 1/2 page inserts spotlighting each child and sharing their written testimony and/or a message to those who have come to see them get baptized. Another idea is to print out coloring pages (here is some baptism clip art) and provide crayons at your display table so young children attending will have something to keep them occupied during the service. (From my experience, parents rarely think to bring a Sunday activity bag for their young ones and they can get restless.)

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